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Other Services

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping is the process of placing a product into a film wrap, sealing it on all four edges and then the film is shrunk via a heat tunnel onto the product to create a durable tight parcel.

Hot Foil Embossing

Hot Foil Embossing is the process of applying a coloured foil to a book case or soft cover.  This can be applied to a large range of materials including papers, cloths, leather and plastics.

This is achieved by manufacturing a metal block and through processing via a highly specialised foiling machine which utilises heat, pressure and dwell to achieve the end result of a beautiful embellishment.


Paper Drilling is the process of drilling multiple holes into stock or printed sheets, so that they can be inserted into a ring binder. 

Sheet Tipping

Sheet Tipping (glueing) is the process of tipping on an endpaper to the front or last section of a book or tipping a 2pp, 4pp or 6pp onto a section as a part of a hard case bound book or soft bound book whereby the sheet would be too thin to feed through a hopper.


Guillotining is the process of cutting the supplied stock either to a manufacturing size or to a finished size through the use of a fully programable guillotines. Marvel has scales on its guillotines that are accurate down to a single sheet of paper.

Round Cornering

Round Cornering is the process of cutting the corner(s) off a printed product using a curved die.  We have dies with varying circumferences.

Handwork & Assembly

The Marvel team can handle both small and large hand assembly projects with access to enough people power to meet the most stringent deadlines.

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