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Hot Foil Embossing


Hot Foil Embossing is the process of applying a coloured foil to a book case or soft cover. This can be applied to a large range of materials including papers, cloths, leather, and plastics. This is achieved by manufacturing a metal block and through processing via a highly specialised foiling machine which utilises heat, pressure and dwell to achieve the end result of a beautiful embellishment.


Maximum block size:  420mm x 355mm 

Minimum product size:  155mm x 100mm (open flat)

Maximum product size:  660mm x 405mm (open flat)



A cover can be be foiled or embossed on the front, back, spine or all three if desired.

Please ensure that we recieve an actual size negative PDF.

Please be aware that it can take up to three days to manufacture a block for this process.

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