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Direct Mail

U Glue

U Glue is an adhesive that is heated and applied to the direct mail piece and is activated by moisture so it is a "lick and stick" glue.  It is mainly used on return mail and intergrated envelope pieces.

Hot & Cold Latex

Hot & Cold Latex is used to seal a direct mail peice and is very effective for heavy and difficult stocks. When the product is opened, the residue glue can be used to restick the product, or it can be easily rubbed off with your fingers. 

Permanent Glue

Permanent Glue is used to permanently seal a direct mail product so that it can be safely mailed or to create an integrated envelope within the product.

Fugative Glue

Fugative Glue is a highly specialised adhesive with the characteristic that, once it has been open, it does not exhibit any tack, so that it doesn't restick.

Time Perforation

Time Perforation is the process of adding perforations into a direct mail piece, so as to allow a form to be removed from the main mail piece or to tear open a product after it has been returned in the mail.


Direct mail pieces can be folded into almost any configuration.

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