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Section Sewn.


Section Sewn;


This is the process of sewing sections of a book together one on top of the other using a very strong sewing thread.

It is generally used on all hard case bound books and is an option for soft bound books with a drawn on cover



  • Very long lasting

  • The book will open a lot flatter 




Minimum section size:  140mm x 100mm

Maximum section size:  380mm x 308mm


Important Tips
  • All sections must have a common minimum 5mm front lap on all sections.

  • Lightweight 4pp should always be planned to be inserted rather than wrapped.

  • You can only sew a minimum of 2 sections together.

  • The minimum section thickness that can be sewn is an 8pp section but in the case of an 8pp section this should be limited to one at the front or rear, all other sections should be a minimum of 16pp but preferably 32pp sections inserted if necessary. 

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