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Saddle Stitching & Loop Stitching


Saddle Stitching refers to a very popular book binding method in which folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples.  The staples pass through the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centermost pages.  Two staples are commonly used but larger books may require more staples along the spine.




Saddle Stitching may sound like an odd name for a book binding process that places wire staples through sheets of paper, but in the printing industry stapling is commonly called "stitching". Also, the collated sheets are draped over a Saddle-like apparatus during the stapling/stitching process, hence the name Saddle Stitching.

Important Tips

It is highly recomended that the cover stock's grain runs head to foot to minimise spine cracking.


All sections should have a common front lap for section pick up and opening on the stitcher. The minimum requirement is 5mm 


Maximum finish size:  495mm x 340mm

Minimum finish size:  100mm x 75mm

(2 up manufacture must have 10mm gutter trim)

Maximum untrimmed folded text size:  505mm x 355mm

Minimum untrimmed folded text size:  145mm x 100mm

(required double cut for 2 up production:  10mm)

Maximum finished product thickness:  5.5mm (size limited)

Marvel can process up to four loop staples at one time.

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